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Gently Exfoliating Felted Wool Soap Bars

Made using 100% natural, sustainable ingredients to help remove dead skin cells for clear, bright skin.

Our felted soaps are hand-crafted. Each bar is one-of-a-kind and lasts over 4 weeks.

Natural, Exfoliating Soap Body Scrubbers

Our beautiful natural loofahs are soap bars encased in Corriedale wool roving provide superior exfoliation and have a range of additional benefits.

We begin by taking our triple milled soap (which are free from nasty chemicals) and encasing them in combed Corriedale wool. We colour the wool with naturally derived ingredients and begin felting these bars by hand under water.

The great thing about how we make our felted soaps besides from being a great exfoliating scrubber is they last 4-6 weeks with daily use.

We make our felted soaps different from the rest. Our Corriedale wool is more coarse than other wool fibers but still has great felting properties. Our triple milled soap stays rigid for longer - meaning no leftover cruddy bits. And our felted soaps are 100% biodegradable, so pop them in the compost when you've finished using them!

Eco Felted Soap For Sensitive Skin.

Enjoy the benefits of unique ingredients sourced from New Zealand. With no added synthetic chemicals, colours or fragrances.

Our eco bars of soap are palm oil-free with carefully selected ingredients for different skin types.


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