Why some soaps make your skin feel tight.

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Ever wondered why your skin sometimes feels tight and dry after cleaning it in the shower? The following are the factors that contribute to soaps astringent effects.

The pH level of skin is slightly acidic - around 5.5. Soap usually has a pH level >10.

In order for soap to clean the the body, this alkali solution strips excess dirt, germs and oils from the skin (leaving it feeling dry) by surfactants. The level of surfactants - where dirt and oils cling to soapy water - is what gives differs between cleaning products. For example, dish washing liqiud has stronger surfactants than baby soap.

The cleaning agent used, either soap or detergents have strong base components that act as excellent cleaning products.

These strong washing products leave you feeling 'squeaky clean' and can be too harsh on people with sensitive skin, Detergents can be more effective cleaning agents leaving the skin feeling tight and dry. Opting for natural washing products are better for the skin and the environment!

Mass produced soap and bathing products may use substitute chemicals in place of hard to mass-manufacture soap ingredients.

Bathing products with value-added ingredients such as chemical fragrances, colors and moisturizers can irritate skin and throw off your skins natural oil balance. 

Our felted wool soaps use a mild soap base with exfoliating wool to help clean your skin without the use of harsh chemicals.

All in all, though cleaning products do dry out your skin, using natural, organic products will benefit you in the long run and help your skin maintain it's natural oil composition more effectively.

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